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The Original

Backyard Football

ITZA Gecko Grip

Super Tacky Surface with Easy-Grip Texture for All Weather Play

Born in a humble Ohio rubber factory in 1976, the ITZA came into the world with a simple mission – to fly high and land soft. Genetically engineered with inflatable, soft, sticky, squishy rubber and rotation molded to perfection, fly high and land soft it most certainly did. ITZA went right to play, turning the arms of eight year old boys into rocket launchers and middle aged men’s hands into velvet gloves with gecko grip.

ITZA Laser Tight Toss

Custom Inflate for Maximum Flight

ITZA dominated backyards and playgrounds across this land until the early 90’s when corporate mergers, acquisitions and other boring things took the air out of the great ball. Benched to garage sales and dusty attics, the proud ITZA sat silent, waiting for the magic to return.

ITZA Silky Soft Nail Tough Ball

Soft, Squishy, Lightweight Durable Rubber Skin

That moment is now. Calling all Couch Potatoes, Monday Morning QBs and Screen Junkies: come one, come all.

ITZA Comeback

Inspired by the Original 1970’s Classic

The ITZA soft football is perfect for the backyard, playground, tailgate, park, beach, pool and gym. No other football compares for pick-up game fun and performance.

ITZA Football is Back.

Official sponsor of the greatest backyard games ever played.